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Reader Comments

This week I'm posting some of my favorite reader comments. Most of them were gleaned from various websites. Enjoy!

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"Some comics aren't meant to be funny, like Doonesbury..."

Fuzzy Dicken Balls:
"Talk about beating a dead, decaying, and very unfunny horse."

"It's called "Robot Funnies" but I didn't see any robots, and it wasn't funny."

Futuristic Space Age Family from the Future:
"That was dumb."

"It seems I've stumbled upon a black hole of humor."

"Possibly the least funny thing I have read on the internet in months. Thanks."

Last Tampon in Paris:
"thoroughly UNfunny"

Is there a secret connection between Hitler and Elvis?
"When does the funny part happen?"

Sgt Dildo the Safety Dildo:
"not very funny"

Smell Young, Again!
"Fuck off with the spam."

Dorothy and the Ass Colored Stretch Pants
"What the fuck was that?"

Those Mischevious Turds Are at it Again!:
"'Ida know'? 'Dick Szmels'?? Just what the hell is this?"

"That... isn't funny. Like... at all."

Astronaut Pants:
"Holy shitty-McShitty shit site! Wow. This guy failed massively with this website. Yikes! Why couldn't they put the entire comic into one cartoon? Click-per-pane? Are they trying to milk the most out of that single advert at the top? Who would do something so horribly wrong? Just dreadful."

When Porn Surfing Goes Bad:
"Fucking sucks."

Police hold man's huge cock:
"...dumb...unless you're 12..."

Obama thanks person most responsible for his Presidency:
"Wow. What a long, unnecessary buildup to an obvious, unfunny punch line."

"Shit web comic is shit."

Goatsie the goat!:
"I can't tell if this is a joke or the editor is actually clueless."

The use of this phrase is hereby banned:
"Fuck you. Go learn how to be funny."

The truth about Osama Bin Laden
"Retarded comic is retarded."

Sag Gentry:
"Every single time I have clicked on a "" link, it has been due to a lapse of memory wherein I thought I was actually clicking I have regretted it every time."

The Automobile of the Future!
"That's a bogus graphic made in powerpoint. That crappy typography would never have cut it on Madison Avenue then"

"Yea i call shenanigan.."

"fucking robot funnies. It figures. What a piece of crap site."

"yeah he suck"

Thanks for all your comments and keep those cards and letters coming!

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